She can fly!

take me up

I'm a January baby. Jan 24, Aquarius. I turned 34 this year and one of my gifts was a helicopter flying lesson. About a month ago I finally redeemed that flight! To this point I'd never even been in a helicopter but I've always known I can fly them. It's feels like a memory, like I just need to start learning to remember. first time heli buckle in

This experience was exhilarating! It was pure meditation from the time I strapped myself in to the moment we landed. All I could think about was the task at hand. That was such a gift. There was no to do list in my head, no awareness of emails to answer, the laundry pile... nothing but me and the controls in my hand. It. was. awesome. I can't wait to do it again!


kale yeah 2x2 + 3x3

Aaand the NEW larger Campaign For Confidence Kale Yeah! stickers have arrived! They are SO cute! Wanna help spread the word? I’m sending out FREE stickers for YOU! I bet you know of a street sign, produce scale, mirror, laptop, etc etc etc that could use a little sprucing! Kale Yeah you do! Get in touch via my contact page with your mailing address and I will send some out to you this week! I promise to keep your address locked in a vault and only used for this one-time mailing!

Post pictures of where you put your Kale Yeah! stickers to Instagram and tag them with @lacylike #campaignforconfidence I’ll put them up here for you to see once we have a little collection!

Thank you so much for reading, for supporting, for being here and for being you!

Love + gratitude for days! Lacy