This week has been a doozie!

This week has been full of ups and downs and real life.

I moved into my new space where I will be practicing massage therapy now and health counseling later when I am finished with school. My little room is coming along. I've got the first layers of decor and comfort in.

The three smallest paper lanterns have lights in them so when I am working I turn off the florescents and light up those along with some candles!

This shelf has been with me since my days in Texas! It was a Target find that originally held my 12 x 12 scrapbooks. I don't like hiding things under my bed at home and I don't like hiding them under my massage table at work so this little shelf keep the space organized and clutter free.

P.S. Yeeeessss I will be putting those cords through the back of the shelf but it requires a little drill action.
And since the space is so small a gigantic mirror was in order! We've had this one in almost every room of our house and now it gets to go to work with me. So far I am loving the space and all my little touches that fill it.

Ok and the real life part...
Cliff's dad is in ICU. His story is not unlike many that you hear... a fall = hip surgery = infection = ICU. We got the call and got in the car. I am happy to report that he's doing great. His blood pressure is back up and his fever is down and hopefully he will get to go home soon.

All of these were taken with my phone. I didn't think it would be right to pull out my camera and start clicking away in ICU but I do feel strongly about documenting life's journey through moments good, bad and in between.

Hospital time is always about waiting... waiting... waiting...

The rooms are always filled with machines beeping and alarms sounding and I couldn't help but be grateful that they were not attached to me. I think that once you've spent time in ICU you never forget the sights and sounds of the place.
Hallways that are one moment empty are then full of doctors with their funny caps and patients being rolled through in beds feeling puny and tired of being brave little pin cushions, family members with puffy eyes and in between there is still beauty in the place.
And then there are moments... that are real... caught by accident... moments that make you feel.

And since I like to leave things on a happy note I am just loving these trees. I have no idea what kind of tree it is (Mema, do you know?) but they are all dropping their leaves and flooding front yards! I keep telling Cliff that I want to ask someone if we can play in their front yard for a bit and get a few photos. His response, "I'm game!"