A change in perspective

Our family is definitely in the baby phase...

My brother and his wife are pregnant with twin girls!
My aunt and her hubby are trying to get pregnant.
and then yesterday I was reading from my list of fave blogs and saw
this and thought... oh how much fun is that going to be when our family gets together with all our little ones. Crazy, surreal, but fun!

Cliff and I recently went to visit a midwife. It was great and sooo the right place for me to be. Let me interrupt myself to say that 1. I am not pregnant and 2. we are not yet trying but I am a planner so that's why the appt. Yeah she thought it was a little funny too but I'd much rather she get to know me now than when I am all hormonal and tired. I actually can't imagine waiting until I am pregnant to pick my team of people that will help me through the journey. My friend Jessica went to the hospital, picked her classes out and did all kinds of this stuff before they were ever trying and while I thought it a bit odd at the time I was really proud of her and I totally get it now.

Anyway I was filling out all this paperwork and it said SS# of father. I am not kidding you I didn't miss a beat. I literally picked up my phone to call my dad and ask his social when I realized DUH they mean Cliff. Omg who's your daddy, right! The change in perspective was enough to make me do that nervous laugh/ head shaking combo... OMG he is going to be a father and that means I will be a mother. Seriously! A mother! And A Father! OH wow.

and how's about a little inspiration for your day...

This is magic.
Can you imagine how this would feel in person!

Much love,