In a word, EMPOWERED

I spent most of yesterday in lingerie In someone else's home. Rolling around on someone else's bed. With someone else's husband taking my picture. I had

Ok in all fairness Maria did most of the picture taking but you know I never turn down an opportunity to be a little shocking.

Meet Mark and Maria of To Be Adored Maria and Mark are amazing. They are so gifted at capturing moments through the lens. I first met them at a party and their light drew me right in. They are easy to be around, funny and though very much in love they still know who they are as individuals, something I really respect in a couple. They are from the UK and have the best accents (I say that so you can hear them in your head as you read the next part). My favorite part was hearing them get caught up behind the lens and little whispers of praise coming out. Maria would say "oh that's gorgeous, simply lovely" and Mark would agree with "fabulous." It was as if the whole world had gathered round me to say how lovely I am. At one point we stopped shooting to have a bite to eat and take a little break. It wasn't til one of my breasts tried to free herself from the top I was wearing that I remembered I was nearly naked. I felt so comfortable. Thank you so much Maria and Mark for the time of my life yesterday! I'm now your biggest fan! xo Lacy

We had inspiration photos scattered all over the floor. I just kept giggling when I saw them because it's just another day in the office for Mark and Maria. Imagine coming home to your bedroom floor looking like this! HA!

We shot in the living room and in the bedroom. Different chairs, props, brand new crisp white linen sheets and a WIND MACHINE! That's right WIND! It was soo much fun! I arrived early so I could see some of the shoot before mine. Montana was so much fun for me to watch, she's so graceful and comfortable in her skin. Simply. Beautiful. Her pictures are going to be stunning! Photo Credit: her husband, Larry Flemming It was so lovely to meet you both! We took a before photo too. After seeing this one from Miss Boudoir I felt like we must show the full transformation! Isn't she stunning! To me that's the essence of Boudoir photography... taking us as we are and then pulling that beauty from the inside out. It's tapping into that inner goddess that we all have inside.

This experience was so profound and something every woman should do! EVERY WOMAN! I always thought it would be really cool to have beautiful photos taken but I am guilty of waiting because I didn't feel my body was where I thought it should be before I undress in front of the camera. I think a lot of women feel that way. I also didn't think I had a sexy look. Cheesy smiles I can do all day but serious, sultry, I've got a secret kind of looks... eh I wasn't sure I had those.

Gone are the days of beating up myself over that magic # of lb's that I want to loose. Don't get me wrong I still want to be the best version of me and I have a pinch here and a handful there that could go... I am a work in progress but along the way it's been much easier and more fulfilling to just love myself. When I look in the mirror now I say things like "hello beautiful and you are so lovely." Nice words have replaced those old tapes that said- 'UGH if you could just loose this and that you'd look so much better' And my personal fave--- 'you are going to be so happy when you are a size 8' The day that I realized I am happy NOW was a brilliant day and I've never looked back.

My journey with food (and school at IIN) has changed me in the best of ways. This body of mine has done a magnificent job taking care of me and allowing me to live the kind of life I want. This body of mine IS beautiful and the experience yesterday confirmed it over and over.

If I could write you all a prescription to go out and get Boudoir photos taken of yourself I would do it. We will all go out and fill a prescription- we know we need them to get well, funny we aren't as steadfast when taking care of our own tender self images! Each one of us is perfect and each one of us is beautiful. You deserve to see your beauty. Go out and do it! Especially if you feel like you are not perfect, if you feel like you need to loose this or that or that jiggles and this pudges. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and seeing the photos will confirm that which has been inside you all along! All this and I've yet to even see my photos.

As soon as I have the results of the day I'll share them with you.

Hey! You are beautiful! Love you, Lacy