Love all the way.

Hello Tuesday!

It was a jam packed Monday of goodness. Massage, a so so soul soothing, face hurts from smiling lunch with Jenn, promising Clifftech meetings, more massage, a lacylike order in progress and school. Jam packed!

I've been listening to a school lesson by John Douillard (the guy is freggin amazing) and something he said hasn't left me.

On the vulnerability of true love (and I am paraphrasing here)...

He started by asking how many people love their husband/wife fully. And then asked who holds back just a little? Saying who wouldn't right? If I love fully then they could not love me back... and if you hold back a little you can use that to protect yourself in some small way.

He challenged the group to write a letter to the person you love (could be a family member, friend, partner, etc). Write a letter that they will never get about the things that you love about them or have trouble loving about them or feel obligated to love about them... etc. In doing so explore how you feel writing the letter and what you'll find (among other things) is that what we really want is not to be loved but to give ourselves permission to love fully.

There is so much freedom in loving fully! So much power! So much love and lightness!

He went on to say that every time you feel constricted by that person (the annoying little things they do--i.e. leaving the milk out etc.) instead of dwelling on that just LOVE THEM! HUG them, expand through the constriction! Give yourself the permission to experience to the expansion and move through fear to come into the vulnerability of true love which will NEVER CHANGE.

Pretty powerful stuff and what keeps turning over in my head is that truth is forever. It's truth. And real love is truth, it lasts forever. And to have real love in our lives we have to take that leap and give ourselves fully in order to experience the joy of love. BUT we hold back... why? Duh because we've been hurt and we feel like it's our armor from being hurt again. We are all carrying around a story about past hurts and they keep us from the real joy of truthful love. So why not just jump and love? OK I know I pretty much said the same thing twice--- once his way, once mine but this is what I've been turning up and down and side to side in my mind. Love is love is love and if we give ourselves permission to love fully a whole wide world opens up and that's so cool.

Here's to loving fully! Living in your truth and happiness!
Go smooch someone you love now :)

p.s. I just read this post to Cliff and he said "that's great baby, I love YOU fully." I have a great life, great love ....sigh.... <3 p.p.s. Thanks for reading friends!