One day, no shoes.

Yesterday Toms Shoes did one day without shoes. We went one day without shoes too.

Most of the day we were home working so going without shoes was no sweat but once we emerged we got noticed. At first it was long stares and no questions but after about an hour of being in the world we started to get questions and shared the story of Tom's and why in the world we were out in polite society without shoes. It was so cool! My inner activist was so satisfied. I heard stories of middle school and high school kids working the system going without shoes on the their feet but satisfying the requirement of wearing shoes by putting them around their necks! Brilliant!

I stubbed my toe twice and it SO got my attention. I can't imagine truly not having shoes. I felt proud to be barefoot but I recognized that it was a novelty and with each seriously judgmental glance I took the opportunity to send a loving thought out to all those kiddos out there who go without and hope that my one day barefoot made a difference.

Every step you take matters in this life! Happy Friday!

Talk to you on Monday,
Much barefoot love!