Pretty Naked.

When Domino Mag went away (still sad over that one) they replaced my subscription with Glamour. It didn't seem like the obvious choice for a replacement but whatever I will flip through anything to look at the pictures. LOL When my mag arrived this month I was delighted to see nakee photos! I love thoughtfully done sexy nude photography!

So I hold up the mag and say to Cliff "what do you think of this photo?" (sssshhhh don't tell but I was testing him). He didn't miss a beat and replied "that looks like a pile I want to be in!" Yay he passed! LOL but why wouldn't he think that they are lovely since he is married to me, a curvy girl in her own right!? We went on to further discuss beauty in America and had a really amazing conversation about it. ...And why do these ladies have to be called "plus sized models?" Why can't they be called real women? I guess battles are won one step at a time.

So my questions to you today:
What do you think of this photo?
What do you see when you look at them?
I see 7 confidant women with great boobs, great skin. Healthy women without flat stomachs who are strikingly beautiful. I think the photo is an amazing step towards teaching our daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, ourselves that we are beautiful no matter what size we wear. That not everyone looks like a VS model or Playboy centerfold for that matter. We are women. We are diverse, amazing creatures and we deserve to be comfortable in our own skin because we understand what true beauty is.

And for funZees. I went to delete my spam mail yesterday (6 offers to lengthen my penis and 4 for pain killers--- guess you'd need the pain killers after the penis fiasco) and had to laugh at the featured recipe of Spicy Spam Kabobs. Thank you, Google! That was great!

I hope that you feel beautiful today!