2011. I see you over there!

I am so looking forward to a brand new year!   Any other time of year I'd say change is hard but on the 1st it always feels like a gift.  It feels completely exciting and the dress I have for the NYE party tonight at Breathe makes me completely happy.
I've made three little goals for myself for 2011. And it should be noted that since 2 of the 3 involved my love, he's on board too. ;)

So what about you? What's on your goal list for 2011?! I'd love to hear what the year holds for you!

xoxo for that last time in 2010! Happy New Year's Eve! Lacy

p.s. Nadia sold an Arnica balm yesterday at Breathe when I was at lunch and when she told me you would have thought she bought me a new car.  Feels good.  Feels so good to see these little lovlies go out into the world.  Whoever you are, I hope you love your arnica balm and thank you!