This week.

Let me start by saying that this week has been a doozie.  The yoga studio where I spend my days flooded on Tuesday.  When I say flooded you are right to think Noah & the Arc.  It could have been worse of course but man could it have been better.

This used to be wood floor in one of the studios.
It's now this grey stuff on top of the concrete.

10 things I've learned this week: 1. Water is mighty.  It can nourish a body or destroy a building in the blink of an eye. 2.  I'm really good in a crisis. 3.  Nothing brings a group of people together like a disaster and donuts. 4.  Insurance IS worth it but it doesn't work anything like the commercials say where your friendly agent shows up with a smile and a hug. 5.  Poison oak is just plain mean and I don't like it one bit. 6.  Maple trees on the other hand are lovely and I quite enjoyed laying under this one while talking to the insurance company, contractor, owner, emergency water removal people, staff... etc etc etc

7.  The busier I get the more I dream about the creative projects I can't wait to finish. 8.  Back up your computer.  Thankfully I learned this one through my sis and not first hand. 9.  Girlfriends +  laughter + margaritas = good for the soul, good for the sanity, just plain good. 10.  Going to bed and waking up with my love is still the best thing ever.

I hope that no matter what your week held you're feeling ease in the flow of life. Have a most marvelous weekend! Lacy