Grateful for:


Skype. Being there even when I'm not.Loving kindness. Avocados. Butter lettuce. Coconut. Kale. Human touch. Human connection. Faith that all I've been working to create is really happening. Seeing it all unfold before me. Anne. Anne + her recipe for burning out my post vacation sore throat. Ginger, turmeric, black pepper, honey + hot water. Meditation. Remembering what's already happened even though it hasn't happened yet. Couch talks. New Campaign For Confidence submissions and the stories behind them. Airplanes. Helicopters. Water. Sunshine. Swimming pools. Air conditioning. A well placed shit, fuck or dammit. Ned. Always Ned. Even though he's been a little extra needy since we got back from Cali. Receiving love. Giving love. Being love. Emails. Texts. Tweets. Post cards. Stamps. Ouchless pony tail holders. Yoga pants. Spilts 59 Tank Tops. Bare feet. My daily uniform. Moleskin Journals. Another one nearly filled up with words, observations, big dreams, plans, reminders, doodles +++. Today. This moment. Right now.

What are you grateful for at the moment? xo, Lacy

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