If I'm being honest with you

-I find 1 ply toilet paper to be down right unkind.  Gas station bathroom stop, you know the type. -I wonder why we are measured via weight and length from birth?  As if knowing that a # pound whatever # ounce really matters in the grand scheme of life.  Just makes me wonder.

- I appreciate linens far more than I should.  Seriously I feel like each room should have at least 3 comfy blankees.

-Cats and dogs little sleeping snores and dreams are the cutest things ever to watch and I can't even imagine what it will be like once we produce offspring.  The possibility of that kind of love...  To watch innocents sleep.

-All I can think about today is a gigantic banana split. Traditional, 3 scoops, whipped cream sub walnuts for pecans, no need for a cherry.

What's on your mind today? Wednesday already! Lacy