Status Update.

Stream of conscious, stay with me.
Status update. Whatcha doing?  Whatcha up to?
A quiet day.  Yes I know I am late to post.  Payroll at Breathe today.  It usually takes up most of my day. 
Multi tasking but being impeccable with numbers.  Something I am very serious about.  Numbers.
Which is funny because I would have always chosen English over math but now-a-days the numbers are what draw my attention.
The Hinge is screaming.  Something that has started in her old age.  It's troubling.
She is screaming now as I type.  It's like she's lost and looking for us so she moans, and shouts.  I've videoed it for the vet, they say it's normal.  I always go to her.  Hold her, tell her we're here, it's ok.  And for a moment she is reminded, oh i'm ok.  Cool.  And then I am back to creating in my studio.
In my studio... Singer Simple.  She and I have finally made friends.  This weekend 4 needles broken but lessons learned, always the hard way.  And so I am crafting.  It's sanctuary.  And soon little love gifts will head out into the world and maybe a few limited edition sales too.   I do that make a few things, send them out to a small group and offer them up, my little love projects.
Projects... Lacylike herbal line.  My little pride and joy.  There's nothing better than seeing and order come in and packing the box with love or delivering it to a local store for sale (yeap, wholesale orders too, pretty awesome).  Playing with some new formulas, I love it when customers send the "oh it'd love it if you could turn this soap in a this or that..." and then it happens... mixing potions, trying then out on Cliff.  He totally loves it.  Comparing this to that, trying it out, feedback, the journey.  We invent well together.  We troubleshoot well together.  We create well together, this week reed diffusers and I think we've finally got it!  It's exciting and fulfilling when I finally get the right combo. Our bedroom smells of rose.  As all bedrooms should of course. 
The Hinge is in her donut now (cat bed, high walls, very cute) sitting next to me.  She's ok.  Good girl.  Sweet little one finally knows that I am her mamma.  After all these years she knows.  The adoption is complete.  Our little  blended fur face family is a happy one.  Ned is of course on top of the shelf in a basket resting in a pile of fabric.  Naturally, where else would he be. It's our studio after all.  ha!
This studio.  Perhaps my favorite room of all time, on the whole planet.  It's perfect.  Soon I'll make a fabric tent of sorts, more like a canopy, I see it in my mind... will have to create it in time.  It will be a corner nook, pillows on the floor, streaming from the ceiling free and happy.  Something for Ned to bat at and something for me to sit in and read... and just sit... meditate.
Meditate.  Cliff and I meditate each night before bed together.  One of my favorite things we do together.  Though I have a lot of favorites but there's no harm in that now is there!
So yeah, status update... whatcha doing?  Whatcha up to?