Status Update

Juice, Blend, Repeat

prepping for the start of Juice, Blend, Repeat on Monday (join us!) waiting for the motivation to strike to clean the piles off my desk

doors open enjoying the crisp air + sunshine

wearing my favorite, VERY worn Joe's jeans and my soul mate necklace (best Christmas gift ever, thanks mama) almost everyday

making piles in the garage in prep for an epic garage sale in spring (never can be too organized)

reading Power vs. Force and Woman Code and Spontaneous Healing (officially a HUGE fan of Dr. Weill)

enjoying my little brother, appreciating that he's a talker

watching Love + Other Drugs on repeat while I work

loving conversations with my sister on everything

spending way more time in the kitchen lately

wearing fuzzy socks and drinking water from a used to be pickle jar

appreciating my new iPhone + it's awesome camera