Status Update

Chloe Loves Berries

- Feeling like I accomplished quite a lot this week. My desk is a complete disaster. That's usually a good sign. Work Helper - Remembering spending time last week in Austin with my little sister and my niece Chloe. Missing those two. A lot.

- Spending a lot of time exploring that most unpredictable space called transition. Feeling change coming and having so many conversations with Cliff about what that might look like. Our lease is up in June and what we know for sure is we are complete in this house. We're ready for the next adventure!

- Looking forward to vacation. We're going sailing. Off the coast of Panama! San Blas islands. Google it. Freaking glorious!

Kale Yeah T's + Tanks

- Packing T's + Tanks to send to customers! Thank you all so much for the support. I'm in awe of just how many hats I wear as a solo-preneur and it all counts, it all helps, it all adds up to helping me continue to live the dream of doing work I love. You can get yours here!

- Pinning my heart out today between client calls. Are you on Pinterest? Let's be friends!

- Considering a water fast later this year for my next "food" experiment. My intention is to literally wash my cells and get inflammation in my body DOWN as low as possible to see if it helps my breathing. It feels hard core. At the same time it also feels like a memory, like it's something I've already done yet I know I haven't. Does that make any sense at all? Don't worry it's one of those things where we would go to a place to be medically supervised.

Yeap, that about covers it.

Happy Friday! xo, Lacy