Status Update

Today is Tuesday.
It's my Monday. 

Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday I was at the Landmark Forum from 9 am to 10 pm.  It was to say the least TRANSFORMATIONAL.  I met extraordinary people and though I was sent by my work it felt like personal development time which I always embrace.

Today is full.  I mean to the brim.  Payroll today.  I am impeccable with numbers.

Meetings.  Today's meetings will be full of heart and authenticity because I work in a real world, a yoga studio, not a cubicle which never really fit me quite right.  Today will be full of the necessary evils and delights of running a yoga studio.  Ooop typo- I accidentally typed Toga Studio.  That would be fun too. 

Speaking of fun I'm looking forward to Sunday.  Is that fair to say that since it's only my Monday on Tuesday?

We're planning Easter---- in Carmel.  An egg hunt on the beach.  And in the eggs, CHEESE!  Because cheese goes better with wine than jelly beans. 

Did I mention Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday 9 am to 10 pm?  I have bruises on my legs from resting my elbows on them, crossing my legs, shifting in my chair which might as well have been made of bricks. 

But I'm not complaining... I am alive. And happy to be alive.  And happy in general. 

Today is Tuesday.
It's my Monday. 

What's your today going to hold?