Status Update

October Highlights and November thoughts. Currently:

drinking green juice

prepping for my next Group Health Coaching Session for Thriving Through the Holidays. There are still a few spaces left if you'd like to join us and transform your relationship with food for the better! This is such a powerful time of year to come together. Hearts are open and change is on the horizon. I feel privileged to give women a safe place to grow and share.

feeling a sense of gratitude today as I look around and see how people are coming together post hurricane Sandy.

packing in my mind for my upcoming trip to Boston in a couple weeks. Must locate some warmer clothes! Pretty sure it's not flip flop weather there.

loving my life in the most sincere way possible.

watching Nashville. Revenge. New Girl. Modern Family. Grey's Anatomy (yes, still). Chelsea Lately.

thinking about lunch. Soup maybe? Or stir fry? Only certain it will include broccoli.

writing text for the Campaign for Confidence expansion. I am SO stinking excited about it. New ways for you to join the campaign are coming that don't require taking off your clothes! You are still invited to take off your clothes too, I still totally want to get you naked. ; )

making oil blends in plastic squeezy bottles for the shower. As the weather gets colder and my skin starts to dry out I up my body oiling rituals and sleep so soundly. A hot shower is like a siren's song for me. Few things are better than being warmed to your bones by water.

appreciating that I'm surrounded by supportive, like-minded friends who love and appreciate me.

dreaming about our Hawaii trip in December.

Hope you're having a wonderful first day of November!