Status Update

be kind

1.) We recently saw The Butler. I cried. A lot. I couldn't make it stop. I can't believe the way we've hurt one another. I wonder if we will ever learn and stop it. I hope so. Movies like this feel so very important in helping to raise our level of consciousness. Please love each other. 2.) I cleaned out my studio closet and it's so beautiful that I've been working with the door open and light on for the past several days so I can look up from my desk and enjoy the organization. Few things make me happier than a well organized space. I'm headed to the master closet next.

3.) I love running. Straight. Up. Love. It. I continue to be gobsmacked (great word, right) of loving things that I never in a million years thought I'd enjoy.

4.) Voxer is amazing. So much more fun than texting and so much less intrusive too.

5.) Instagram continues to be the place on the internet where I feel most seen and genuinely loved. My friend Myna (who takes amazing insta photos btw) says she's "making friends out of thin air." I just love that, it feels so true for me too. Are you on insta? Come find me.

6.) Ned has taken to staring at this one particular section of the wall in my office. I'm afraid critters have decided to live in there. I think loud music + banging will come next. I mean it's the most polite + humane way to say "MOVE OUT, THIS IS NOT THE BEST PLACE FOR YOU TO LIVE" that I can think of.

7.) It feels like there's something really good brewing. Like all my work is about to payoff in the best of ways. I'm feeling brave lately and then the next day really hungover from all the vulnerability. Still, I wouldn't trade it. My deep desire continues to be the same, to stay tuned into my truth and live as authentically as humanly possible.

8.) Cliff woke me up this morning hugging me so tightly before he left for work. It's like he knew I needed to be loved extra today. I memorized that feeling.

9.) I am incredibly grateful for my family. That I can ride my bike to my mom's house. That I've seen my youngest sister twice in two weeks. That my Aunt Mary is my cruise guru (we are headed out to sea on family vaca soon). That we can meet Mema for quality conversation, beer + organic groceries at Whole Foods. That I get to see Kayla + Chloe this week. This move to Texas was the exact right thing for us to do.

10.) Two words keep showing up in my work and my life... simple + profound.

Love, Lacy

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