Sunday status update!

Today it dawned on me that I have a great life! I know! News flash! Right? bike lacy

I've gotten in the habit of riding my bike to mom's + the gym. It is one of my favorite hand-me-overs ever! Thanks, sis!

saturday brekkie

Saturday morning we started the day with vegan pancakes. Totally worth it.

anne sparkly kale yeah

Saturday night got a text from my gf that her sparkly eye liner + Kale Yeah! sticker came in handy at a wedding. Each time I get a photo or message or email of a Kale Yeah! sticker in the world you'd think I won the lottery! It's that good! We were watching Lincoln (great movie) at the time. Had to stop the movie to dance + high five that another Kale Yeah! sticker got stuck in the world.

sunday brekkie

It's Sunday and I've been busy about the leisure of this day. I love Sunday. I love the energy of the world on Sunday. It really feels like Sunday. You know what I mean?

Saturday pm listen to guided meditation then to bed. Wake up slow. Meditate again. Breakfast made from the garden. FROM.THE.GARDEN! Completely tickled that Cliff thought to take a photo of the skillet before cooking everything up. Grocery shopping. Went to three different places to get the best deals. Makes me happy. I come by it honestly. Quality girl friend chat time. Soul elixir. Swimming laps. I am getting so involuntarily tan from swimming everyday. I catch myself in the mirror and I'm like WOAH SO TAN! My usually porcelain skin is a little dry but otherwise happy and feeling really healthy. Thank you vitamin D! Cliff pointed out today that we spend big bucks on filters to get the chlorine out of our water at home both for drinking and showering yet we hop into the chlorine filled pool each day. Good point, well made. I will still be swimming tomorrow. It's all in the balance I suppose. Cooking/preparing food for the week... Cucumber salad--- oh how I love dill! Fried rice + ginger sauce (added a heaping tbsp of ghee to the fried rice this time--- awww the good fat). Juiced the Melted Popsicle.  Seriously considered going to the local snow cone place for a cup of ice to pour the Melted Popsicle over! Maybe next time! Next up something with chickpeas b/c I can't seem to get enough of them lately. And maybe a pasta salad too. Cliff picked a teensy tiny orange bell pepper today (about the size of a plum) that wants to be made useful.

Off to the kitchen!

Wishing you a month of Sundays! Lacy