Today I got to lay my face on a very pregnant friends belly and feel a little foot and a bum.  It was awesome.  She's already such a sweet mommy. Today a girl friend packed up the remnants of a life with a man that wasn't the one and I sent her love one text message after another.  She's going to be ok.  Better even.

Today I hugged 6 people.  3 for love. 2 for thank you. 1 for so long and good luck.

Today I talked to my funny sister (literally she's funny) and I was so grateful to just be able to pick up the phone and call.  She's been living in Spain and traveling Europe for what seemed like forever and she's finally state side again. Yay!

Today I got my eyebrows waxed and my whole face is happy about it.

Today I sold an arnica balm to a lady who said her arthritis was so bad it sent her to tears and frustration and lacylike would help to soothe it.

Tomorrow I think I'll hug 7 people, all for love.

Nite nite. Sleep tight. Lacy