Truth is...

tell the truth

- Barefoot running is like an upper and I'm devoted to natural highs. - Green juice does it for me too. Big time.

- I meditate daily and still get caught up in worrying about the future. Must need more meditation or a crystal ball. Maybe both.

- A solid sense of humor gets me through an awful lot with a smidge of grace. My sisters remind me about the importance of laughter ALL THE TIME. For instance --- this week Kayla made juice and forgot to add the pitcher to catch the juice. When the juice started spraying out everywhere she went with plan B, her hands. And when plan B didn't exactly work it was plan C, hysterical laughter with her daughter.

- Even though I eat vegan most of the time, I still really like cheese. Especially a nice, hard gouda. If you read nice, hard gouda and had at least one dirty thought you might be my people.

- I want to explore contentment and collect experiences.

- I believe in letting what we do be an expression of who we are.

- I'm craving a GOOD DIY project. Something deeply satisfying that when I'm all done I can sit back and say I MADE THAT (picture little Lacy beaming with pride).

- Ned will be 14 this year. July 1. He seems to have just gotten the memo and has slowed down a bit. Spending our days together is still one of my favorite things. I don't even get annoyed when he wakes us up puking in the middle of the night on the pillow right next to my head. Welp, most of the time.

- Peppermint herbal tea is a gift.

xo, Lacy