Stretchy Pants Saved My Life.

stretchy pants

One of my most vivid memories from my short lived days in corporate America was the way I felt mid day with the button of my slacks digging in and my panty hose etching that seemingly permanent line through the fat rolls on my belly. I called it cubicle hell and while I totally agree that cubicle life isn't for me I made it way worse by s-t-u-f-f-i-n-g myself into a size 14 because I couldn't bare to buy yet another size bigger. I was miserable. I was a size 16 headed to an 18. I was eating my feelings and they were delicious. I hated the way I felt dressed. I hated the way I felt naked. I hated that all my skin touched. You know what I mean? My breasts touched my belly and my belly touched my legs. It was awful. I felt trapped in a fat suit yet I didn't have the energy or the tools to do anything about it. One of the few things that made me feel comfortable at that time was stretchy pants and I remember saying out loud to my bestie, my sister, to anyone that would listen... I want to have a job where I can wear stretchy pants everyday! I said it sometimes desperately, sometimes jokingly but I totally meant it. I didn't realize at that time how powerful intention was. I didn't realize how powerful I am. I just knew stretchy pants = happiness and that was enough. It would take nearly three years before I created that reality and went to work in a yoga studio. I literally wore stretchy pants every day for a year. I had a collection of them and they were marvelous!

Stretchy pants were a victory! They were the first time that I knowingly created my own reality in a positive light. Those black PrAna pants were the lead domino that helped knock down all kinds of old beliefs (like that you have to go to an office to make a living. Or that work isn't supposed to be fun. I could go on and on...). They helped me to slowly start loving my body and believe in myself again.

Sometimes all you need to do is recognize one little thing that will make you feel more comfortable. You don't have to know all the answers. You don't have to know what happens next. Say out loud what would make you feel better and connect into that energy. I used to sit in my cube and think about waking up and putting on my black stretchy pants and it would make me feel so much lighter. It was a little spark of hope that I needed at the time.

What about you? What one thing would make you feel a little better? Your intention is so powerful, YOU are so powerful and I want to see you living in your bliss! I truly believe that we can all have our best life. We can create our reality and in doing so we strengthen each other. What are your stretchy pants? Proclaim it now! Share it in the comments below, send an email to your bestie or just say it out loud right NOW!

Ready, set, create! Lacy

Ps. The photo... in the first yoga studio that I helped to create and went to work in. TRANSFORMATIONAL! I lost weight, learned so much about myself and started health coaching as a result. I wrote about it at my first blog here.  Photo credit :: Andrew de Torres

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