10 days and counting

There is much to be excited about these days and I am most excited about a very special day 10 days from now! I have a dress and it makes me feel like a million bucks (like all great dresses should).

Here's a peek! It's one of my fave colors of blue.

On my list of birthday wishes big and small are:
fish eye camera

old timey pencil sharpener to mount on my wall in my studio
ohhh that would make me sooo happy!

This yummy bedding from Anthropologie... it makes me want to snuggle up. I've had it on my list of things that I want for over a year now so I know that I really want it.

PS- I got the Polaroid idea from Leigh Ann's blog and she's right it did make me squeal! Thanks LA! You've always got a little inspiration when I need it!