12 Days Of Christmas Guest Blog: Fashion 411


In the past few years I've spent my magazine time in Domino and other home mags learning how to create a comfy cozy home. We officially have a comfy cozy home so I've recently turned my attention to fashion and learning how to best dress my shape. It is a worthy task for every woman and I aim to perfect the skill. I am pleased to present you with Kristin and a little fashion 411. As always if you have a question for the guest blogger please leave it in the comments with your email address. Enjoy!

Hi and welcome of the wonderful world of Kristin Kier and her thoughts on fashion. Having worked in the industry for over 5 years now, I have seen a little bit here and there along the way--some of it good, some of it, not so much. When Lacy proposed this topic, I asked her what she would like to cover. She had some really awesome suggestions, and I have taken one of those as a fantastic guideline and kind of incorporated them into what she was looking for with some of my own. The topic I choose was how and where to spend your money on key pieces. I hope you enjoy it…and even if you do not agree with me, at least it is something to think about.

LBD: The little black dress. It does not have to be little or black, but it needs to be a classic silhouette that will stand the test of time. You can never go wrong with an A-line, or sheath dress that stops right above, below, or at the knee. If you are shorter, go for the shorter option, if you have legs for days, shoot for the knee or a little longer. As for color, black is a classic, but I have seen some absolutely fabulous dress in grey, oatmeal, and chocolate brown tones. Just remember, this is your go-to dress for a party, a funeral, a big meeting, an interview…so you may want to think about how much cleavage you are showing on those days.






So the next question you ask is: How to I make it different so that not everyone in the world realizes I wear this fabulous dress over and over? It is all about the following….

Accessories!!!! I am never ceased to be amazed at how you can tweak a bit about an outfit and it looks completely different. The fun thing about accessories is that you can spend as much or as little as you like on them and still make a great piece look fantastic. My go-to for the dress up is always a strand(s) of pearls (I have various lengths and it depends on what I am doing) and pearl earrings. Nothing says a lady like pearls. This is great for church, meeting the mother-in-law, or just going out and about. It is utterly classic and no one said they had to be real—the fake ones look just as good as real ones and are a heck of a lot cheaper. My other fun things are grabbing a chunky necklace in gold, silver, or fun colorful beads to go over a black outfit. Can you say pop?!?!? Then it becomes all about the necklace and not the outfit. My favorite accessory for the fall/winter is a scarf---in any color or design. You can spend a fortune on them at Neiman Marcus, or a few bucks at Forever 21 and Target and it will still look just as good. Wear them with a turtleneck, a crewneck, a Vneck, or whatever makes you happy, just wear them! Great for layering under a fun jacket, or on there own…you just can not go wrong. My philosophy on accessories is the following, the fewer the better…but that is just me. I am not a flashy person and tend to think my own personal style is timeless. Food for thought on earrings…if they make too much noise, or are too large, do not wear them to the office, wear them when you go out! Nothing will annoy your co-workers more than noisy things.






Shoes…a must to complete any look and one of my favorite topics of all time. Here is what every girl NEEDS in her closet, the rest is just bonus. A classic pair of black and brown/camel/tan high heels (3-4”), a black going out, strappy shoe, a great pair of flats in black, hooker boots (knee highs) in black and/or brown, a workout shoe, a casual out and about (think a pair of Chuck Taylors) and a statement pair of shoes. What is a statement shoe? Anything with color or that is just OMG! My favorite statement shoes are leopard print pony hair ballerinas. I also love solid red, or some fabulous color that is your color. They can be short shoes, or tall shoes, but make them your own. The only shoe I would spend significant money on are the classic pair of heels—just because I will wear them the most and they need to look good. And of course, your workout shoe—no bad feet! There are now a bazillion websites out there for good deals on shoes, zappos.com being one of the best. My favorite places to shop for moderately priced shoes are Nine West and Nordstrom’s, high end/expensive Neiman’s and Nordstrom’s. I have two rules when I buy a pair of shoes: 1. Can I walk in these shoes? 2. Can I wear them with more than one outfit? If yes, go for it…and enjoy them. Nothing makes me happier than shoes, because you know what? Your tummy may get tight in those pants and you may have a bad hair day, but the shoes will still fit!




Statement shoes:




Top 10 things you should spend your hard earned money on:

  1. Work pants, especially in black. If they fit and you love them, see if they make them in other colors too! Stock up even if it is the same color.
  2. A great leather handbag—in black and/or brown. Go cheap for super trendy and colorful.
  3. A good mani/pedi at least once a month---it will just make you feel like a princess too!
  4. A black cashmere sweater. They are timeless and worth every penny…just remember do not dry clean, hand wash them! Leave the colorful sweaters to other less expensive materials.
  5. A fantastic earring. If you wear them often to daily, invest in something that is always going to look good. Angelina Jolie wears pearl studs all the time, a diamond stud is fabulous too—just go with what is your personality.
  6. A good watch. No one said it had to be expensive, but make sure it stands the test of time.
  7. Your favorite lip gloss/lipstick. It may be the most expensive thing in your make up bag full of Cover Girl, but if you love it, nothing will make you feel better.
  8. Your skin care régime. Every lady knows that she needs to protect her skin and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
  9. A great pair of jeans. Whether they are Seven for All Mankind, or your local Gap…if they fit and you love them, wear them.
  10. A fantastic button down shirt. I would say white, but white is practically a jinx—but go with black, navy, chocolate. Dress it up, or dress it down, but it is essential in every woman’s closet.