12 Days Of Christmas Guest Blog: Skincare

Hello All! I am happy to bring you my first guest blogger, Jenn. You've seen her here before in a few blogs like this and this.

Mema taught me how to wash my face and take care of my skin. She taught us to use "girl soap" and not to tug on our eyes, "pat, pat and gently, gently" she'd always say and I actually listened to her. I love my skin care routines and rituals and I think it is so important to take care of your skin.

Without further adieu I present you with my skin care guru and very good friend, Jenn.

If you have any specific skin care questions for Jenn after reading her guest blog please leave and comment and your email address.
With any change in season, our skin changes, but winter is the hardest on our poor little faces! Most people need to switch their cleansers up; if you have a sudsy gel cleanser, switch it to a mild foaming or cream cleanser. If you already use a creamy cleanser, then be sure to add in a scrub, it will help to slough off those extra skin cells your face is holding on to. Moisturize morning and night, no excuses! For oily skin, a light oil-free fluid ( usually in a pump bottle) should be just fine, for combo or dry skin a cream ( a moisturizer in a jar) is best. If your skin is very dry, add in a moisture cream mask twice a week. For those who want to invest in a good skincare line, I suggest going to a reputable spa in your area, get a good facial and have the esthetician suggest products. For those who want to start slow, Target and Longs (drug store like Walgreens) have a huge selection. Anything from the Neutrogena and Olay lines are great, especially the Olay Regenorist line. For more sensitive skin, the Aveeno line is great. Start slow, and add in products when needed. The ideal routine should include: a good cleanser, good moisturizer, a gentle scrub for twice a week exfoliation, a sunscreen that you will actually use, and a booster mask for use about once a week. Go out and have fun!