28 days was her idea.

My friend Tracy's b-day is the 28th of this month so as a birthday gift to herself she is going to do 28 days of yoga... today was her 5th day in a row! I am not one to let a friend go for a goal without rooting her along and it just so happens that today was my 5th day of yoga in a row too. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am going to join her in the 28 days in a row goal! I've been all wishy washey and non committal saying things like "I'll do as many classes with you as I can." What does that even mean? Either you make it happen or you don't so I've decided I will make it happen. CRAZY? YES! But... and here's a but in the good way... I feel fat on my body freaking out this very second. Those little cottage cheese looking bastards can run but they can't hide and I am thinking these 23 more days are just what I need to obliterate a few more of those ugly fat cell thingeys!

I will let you know how the journey goes! Any btw if you are coming to visit me this month please be aware that you will either need to bring yoga clothes and join in the sweaty fun or just know that I will be needing to get away for 90 minutes of yoga each day. : )

Weeeeeee! Here we go! Game on, Tracy!