3 Things

1. The free snapfish album was a giant pain in the tookas! I didn't even order one. It just thought and thought and thought... I figure the whole Oprah watching world was trying to get their free album before the 48 hr deadline. I will stick with Shutterfly, thank you very much! They've never let me down yet. If anyone had any luck with it I would love to hear about it.

2. I am thinking about Megan (bride) and Jenn (sis and MOH) and crew today as they get ready for the big wedding tomorrow! I know you girls are going to look amazing! Have fun and happy wedding!

3. If you ever need a recipe for beating the blues here's one that really works!

You'll need one friend with the dulldrums
One Friend who's a giver
Add being scooped up and home and driven straight to the spa
Get naked and soak your cares away in a hot tub, steam, sauna, cold mist, lavendar milk bath
Add one lovely little fruit plate and the best cantelope, lemon and rosemary infused ice water
and WA-LA All better!
Thank you, Tracy!

Happy Friday!
Love, Happy Lacy