A lacylike before and after!

It's here! It's here! The first photo from the shoot!

tobeAdored sent over the first image and my before picture so I could show you the transformation! There's another curly hair secret in the before picture. I let my hair dry completely before I run my fingers through to loosen the curls and get out that wet crunchy look. What results is the after photo. Yes, It's always that flawless. tee hee.
Before picture to me says:
Hello you fresh faced, wet haired, no make up beauty.

After picture to me says:
Hello Goddess! All that nice talk in the mirror is starting to show!

here's the full image

I'll share the rest as soon as I get them... a few weeks probably.
I hope you feel beautiful today.

love love love from before lacy sitting with a Ned purring in my lap.