A new Thanksgiving

This is my first year to make Thanksgiving dinner. At 29 years old I've never prepared my own turkey and I've never worried about timing it all so that it's all warm and ready to eat. (psst, I don't even really like to cook). Thank God Kallie is here!

Are you making your own Thanksgiving meals? Are you in the place I am at this moment the night before the big day?

I will be serving my in-laws tomorrow. I am a head-to-toe stress ball faced with the day and the moment that I serve my in-laws. We've been married for 9 months and from what I've been shown so far my mother-in-law has yet to "warm" to me (putting it quite lightly).

Are you there? Have you had this moment? I write this knowing full well that it's on the internet, free for all the world to see. Oprah says that you shouldn't write anything in email that you wouldn't want seen on the front of the New York Times.

The great thing about a blog, my blog is that I always take the liberty of speaking truth that I'd defend when pressed. Little things (like what I like to do and see and buy and whatever) and big things (like family matters). We (meaning I) are a new generation of communicators. We (meaning I) no longer believe that everything should be left unsaid and secret within a family.

Don't get me wrong I am not going to air all my dirty laundry or dish out family secrets on my blog but I do believe in reaching for a hand when one is needed. And if you've ever been particularly in my end of the pool where the water is full of kids peeing and the in laws are less than happy to see your turkey dinner then send the girl some love! I am pretty sure as I lay down for bed tonight I will have that night before a big test stomach and sleep will evade me yet again.

May your Thanksgivings be full of love. In all seriousness may they be spent with people you love or thinking of those you love. Whether you get to embrace or if it is just a telephone call may you remember what you are grateful for tomorrow.

Thank you for finding my blog a worthy space to spend a moment or two. Thank you for reading my words.

With thanks,