Aloha on the anniversary of my ha.

Remember that Aloha is about
your individual uniqueness and your authenticity because it is about the spirit of your ha, the breath of your life which captures your essence. Alo is your demeanor, and thus sharing Aloha is living from the inside out.
Beautiful thought isn’t it? That Aloha can be about your authentic self in values lived, and in the instinctual deep-seated thought which drives you to actions of "rightness and intellectual honesty with self."
When you manage with aloha, this is the gift you give to everyone else. Can you imagine the partnership you will achieve, when those you manage recognize this gift you so freely and sincerely give to them?

My little brother sent this to me a week ago (from this site) and I purposely saved it for today, my 2 year anniversary of breathing freely! I read my post from my 1 year post op and I still feel the same way... grateful, teary and able to access the events like they were yesterday.
It's a big day. It's a good day.
Cliff took this photo on our beach day on Sunday and while it's not the best picture of me (because I prefer cheesy teeth smiling as opposed to the pursed lip pleasant look, the cheese is just more me) it really shows off my beautiful battle scar. It's looking really good these days and I am still proud of myself when I look in the mirror and see it. I've been amazed in the last two years at how many well intending people, strangers even offer advice on how to get rid of the scar. I usually just say thank you and go on my way. Truth is, I earned that baby and it doesn't feel like a blemish to me. It feels like a story, part of my story that has ushered me to today.

It's a big day. It's a good day. I felt like I should say it twice. :)
We all have a story about how we became who we are... some moment in time that changed us so drastically that we were able to peel away another layer to get to the creamy good stuff in the middle where all the treasures and sparkle is hidden! What's your story? What ushered you into today and made you feel proud of you?

Thanks for reading my story and celebrating this day with me. I really do so appreciate you being here.