Are we clean yet?

Day 1 of the cleanse.
All fruits and veggie day.
I have a headache, Marta has a headache, Cliff has a headache.
Kayla is still at work and I am thinking she probably does not have a headache.

Cliff is making potato leek soup for dinner. He's actually making it right now, I just snapped that photo! Ok so let's talk turkey....oohhhh turkey sounds good! Just kidding. Actually I miss chewing gum today! I know, so odd but that's what I miss. Cliff is missing coffee and meat!

Here's what I've eaten today:

Morning -- hot water with lemon and my daily supplements

Yoga Practice then back home and had edamame (how do you spell that? yummy soy beans!) snack before making lunch. I did miss putting salt on it BUT other than the headache I feel really good. My body is already in this early stage thankful for the break from Starbucks hot choc and holiday food!

Lunch was a red leaf lettuce salad with green bell pepper, avocado, cucumber, fresh dill (ohhh so good), onion and topped with a squeeze of lemon and lime with a tennsy bit of olive oil. AND AND oven baked sweet potato strips! I'd call them fries but baby these were not fries.
Glass of water

Afternoon snack
Hot tea- yogi Detox Tea
Baked Apples with cinnamon... really good and satisfying!

And din din will be the potato leak soup that Cliff is making and I am going to do some Corn Polenta!

Right now I am watching Ellen and totally cracking up!
Cliff keeps walking in from the kitchen to see what all the hysteria is about.
I love that show!

Ok well I am a little bit of a space cadet. I'm off to warm up my tea.

Get ready Day 2, we're coming to get cha!