Arm pits

I am working on refreshing my blog look. Something simple and smile worthy to go with my 30th birthday. My scanner is being mean to me at the moment so who knows when I will get the new banner loaded. Arg.

Alright you're gonna love this one. Last night I hopped out of the shower, ran downstairs and demanded that Cliff take off his shirt and raise up his arm for a photo. LOL He's such a good blogging support husband. It was all in preparation for today's hot topic, my least favorite body part MY ARM PITS. It came to me in the shower whilst I was begrudgingly shaving them for the 100 millionth time. Wouldn't you agree that arm pits are kind of the pits? Nothing good was ever named a pit except for the Peach Pit in 90210. Other than that I can't think of anything good named Pit... Oh wait a minute Brad Pitt. Ah man that just threw that whole theory down the pit! tee hee. But seriously my arm pits are my least fave body part. It's a constant battle to keep them hair free and of course smelling nice (not that I smell bad by any means) even when their job is not to worry about hair and smell (perhaps that is what makes it such an effort). I am thinking I will be adding lazer hair removal to my wish list in the near future.

What is your least favorite body part?