Art in the making

For my youngest sisters HS grad I painted her a little something for her first apartment. Having something to hang on the walls is always secondary to the important things like you know, a couch.  I kept it simple, of course the green sparkly circle is my sweet baby sis, Kallie and she totally loves it. 

After many requests for another I've finally started to work on the second in the now series for her apartment.  It's still in progress but here's what I've got so far!  The color accent on this one will be purple... but where to put it? I've got a few ideas... :)

In my perspective ---I love that a piece of art is never truly finished, I simply decide at what point it feels complete enough and present it out to the world.  It's really just a pause in creation.  Art is freedom to me.  It's a place to practice the journey, boast in imperfection and revel in the beauty that was uncovered along the way.   

What's been unfolding on your journey lately?