Art Wall

I've long wanted an art wall with things that inspire me but wanting and doing are two very different things. Creativity for me ebbs and flows and I just go with it. When I am feeling it I will crank out like 4 or 5 projects and when I don't I have half completed projects and ideas sitting all over my studio. When the drive finally kicked in for this project I grabbed a hammer and started nailing. I was so proud to have a real start on it. It sat this way for a few weeks.

*sorry the lighting is so bad in these photos. : (

After walking past it a few hundred times I decided everything was spaced way too far apart and it was never going to give me the look I wanted sooo I took everything down, added a few frames and started again. I am much happier with this look. Next task to re purpose two of the frames.

The Young's and the white square frame with the small opening were both gifts from my dad and Jeane. They aren't really our style (sorry D&J- don't be mad I am getting good use out of them) but I love the shape so they are about to get a face lift.
So for The Young's the mat is outta there, the glass removed and I am using the foam core to paint on for our cork display! I used a Creative Memories template and traced onto the form core with pencil. It made 6 perfectly spaced ovals that would allow a cork to be displayed vertical or horizontal! Score!

I wanted to create a Tiffany Blue so I mixed white, a bright blue and a little yellow to make my color. It ended up looking more sea foam than Tiffany but I was happy with it. Once I was done filling in the ovals it seemed like something was still missing so I decided to go for...

SCALLOPS! Lol I think it turned out really cute!
So here it is all put together. I need to have a few more photos printed to complete it and I am sure I will change something in time but for the most part it's done! Cliff and I are going to pick out the rest of the corks we want to display and pin them up. : )

To pin the corks on I used a long florist straight pin (you know the kind used for pinning on wedding flowers, etc). This one happens to be from our wedding and it's holding our wedding day cork on.

And speaking of Art Walls Leigh Ann did a post about her fridge and asked us to take a picture of ours. Care to join in the fun!? Like an area rug can be considered your 5th wall the fridge can be a new wall surface in your home too.

Here's what our fridge looks like!

Have a wonderful day today!

We are headed to the cabin today for a little winter wood chopping party. Cliff and his dad built the cabin ages ago (I will have to find out what the date was). I am excited to capture a few photos of the place and get some more of my Christmas crafts done! It's labor intensive work so I had to start now to get it all done for Christmas. I know I keep talking about crafting and not showing you but I can't because my family reads my blog. : ) Are you already thinking about the holidays too?