Barbara Wa Wa

We just watched the most fascinating people of 2008 with Ms. Walters. It has me thinking 3 things as I get ready for bed...

1. Who would be the most fascinating person of 2008 for me?
2. Am I getting older and wiser (like Tom Cruise said he was)?
3. Why do the good shows come on so darn late here!? Arg!

1. My immediate response is Dr. Douglas Mathesin who fixed my trachea. He is fascinating to me in so many ways. He is a big man, not fat just big-- like linebacker big and big in the sense that he saves people, he saved me. His fingers are like sausages and he works with dental floss sized stuff in the trachea. Each time I met with him I caught myself studying his hands. I love his sausage fingers. So much.

2. Older, Wiser most definitely. This growing up stuff is turning out to be a real learning experience... worthwhile, cool, filled with ups and downs of all varieties. I hope that in the mix I also get a little more graceful and listen more. The people I've always found most wise use their words carefully and know when to shut up. (well, most of the time) ; )

3. yeah this one is really just a complaint. I have to wait til 10 for Dirty Sexy Money and 9 for Grey's Anatomy which is always a bummer. **spoiler alert** If you haven't watched it yet stop reading NOW. : ) Ok and what is going on with Izzie having fake sex with her dead ex fiance? I just knew that he'd go away when Alex came in and said I LOVE YOU but no dice, dead guy still laying there all cute and charming and dead. I wish they'd kill that one already!

And with that I'm off to beddy bye time.
Nite nite

See you tomorrow for my first guest blog!