Be Yourself

On my fridge is a magnet that I actually read each time I see it. It's a sort of affirmation in my days. It was gifted to me by a friend who's independence, great skin and outlook on life always inspires me. Are you a fridge magnet person? I'd say we're minimal but meaningful in the magnet section. Can you tell I'm funny today? I totally am. I think it's because Kayla and Brian are coming to visit on Friday and I am flexing my funny in preparation.

Lately I've been listening extra close to the inward voice and bravely obeying. I've finally jumped into The Artist's Way. After chatting with Regina via email I knew it was time. I am in week one and GET THIS--- it requires that I get up 30 minutes early each day to write three pages stream of conscious. Ok the brain dump is no problem, the 3 pages is no problem but the 30 minutes early is brutal.

I've successfully completed my morning pages for two days in a row, that's right folks I am committed to this process. So far I am two for two and feeling pretty good about it but I have to tell you after closing last night (I got home at 10 and then of course I have to eat dinner, chat with my man, watch a show, wind down, shower) getting up at 7:30 was painful. Actually painful. I know, laugh all you want to but I value sleep and one of my least favorite things in the whole wide world is getting up to an alarm and then to add insult to injury getting up at the 7 hour instead of the 8 hour. Whew. Brutal. Oh what I am enduring for my art. Yeah I am smiling as I type but I swear my eyes are still puffy.

I am working on a guest blog for Katy! I'm almost done! Just need to scan a few photos to accompany my brilliant words. Your questions were so great! I haven't stopped giggling at some of them!

Well this post is sort of all over the place, half focued on my new journey with The Artist's Way and half everything else. It's a good reflection of my day today.

Hope your day is half something wonderful and half productive which equals a whole and happy you!

Love love love