Beans, beans

the magical fruit, the more you eat them... you remember how the song goes don't cha!  What is it about those childhood tunes that stick for a lifetime!

I've been moaning about needing wanting Photoshop and today I realized DUH I can put words on photos through Picassa!  Total score!

So very awesome blog reading friends I bring you two healthy tips via photos + words!

I spend a good bit-o-time teaching people about the magical protein powers of beans.
Ima fan and I hope you will be soon too.
First rule of thumb with beans- soak em!  It makes them much easier to digest which makes that little song up there a misnomer.  Overnight if you can but day of works just fine too!  Drain the water and add fresh a time or two if you have the time.  If any skins come off discard them but no need to peel the skins off (that would just get weird). Get soaking!
And 2nd, meet your new friend Kombu!  It's seaweed and it wants to be with your beans.  I put a piece in every pot of beans I cook.  It will speed up cooking time, aid in digestion and put all those super good for you sea minerals into the beans!  You won't taste it (I don't like the taste of seaweed either) and you just take it out and throw it away before serving your beans.  Think Bay Leaf... just Kombu!
I hope that helps to spice up your kitchen and fill your belly sometime soon!
Love from Hawaii.
P.S. Today is Friday and Friday is adventure day... no idea what adventure I'm taking I just know there will be one with instagram photos to boot. :) Hope you get to take an adventure soon!