Best Day Ever!

Yesterday was the best adventure filled girl day ever!

We started out our day at yoga (hey- today my yoga day is 21 and I am thinking I'd better celebrate that with a cocktail or two). Rachel was a total trooper and did 3 days in a row with me! She's a yoga bad ass now too. : )

Then it was on to the Mystery Spot where you stand at a 17 degree lean! It is totally wonky and completely cool. Cliff says that Santa Cruz Univ did a study and that the earth's magma is close to the surface there which causes opposite polarity or aliens landed there and live under ground or something like that... anyway the point is it's a real place and you really stand crooked and it's good silly fun.

See the lean!

We had the biggest cheese ball tour guide... I am talking 20 something year old virgin, trek-ie, army green jeans wearing cheese ball (not that there's anything wrong with that). It added that little bit of something to the tour. I was hoping you'd see us leaning in this photo but like I said he really didn't get it so I am just tickled that I could crop it and now it is a cute photo of us.

Couldn't resist. : )

Also see the blue paint in the backgroud on right by my face? It's the free paint I ordered from Glidden. Not the blue I was going for but eh no harm done it was free. : )

Then to the beach...

I chased the seagulls so that I could get a photo of them taking off. They didn't mind.

and then on our way to Half Moon Bay for dinner we noticed an enormous hay maze off the road! Before I knew it the Smart Car had turned itself around and we were lost amongst hay bails! It was the coolest random find ever! For 5 bucks each you can try your luck in the maze. I say luck cause that sucker is HARD!

We got so lost and ended up coming back out the way we came in. The local farm dog scared the pee pee outta me when he met us in the maze. We thought we'd get wise to it and follow the dog out until he jumped right through a hay window and stranded us. It was a smart idea though!
From there we headed to Half Moon Bay with the help of my navigation system-- yeah so we wanted Thai food and it successfully lead us into two different neighborhoods and said that there should have been food there. I don't think the owners of the houses it lead us to would appreciate our coming in for dinner. We eneded up having Japanese which suited just fine. : )

Being with Rachel is just about the best thing ever next to... the beach, the roar of a fire place on a blustery day and the love of a Ned!

Hope that you've had a few magical adventures in your life lately!