Brotherly love.

Well after trying to load our cute video all day off and on I've had no luck and I'm seriously considering making a strongly worded phone call to our internet provider! ARG! But let's face it we all know that I'd just sit on hold and then be told it's because of the weather.

It's been raining almost non stop for 4 days! Actual thunder and lightening and the hardest rain I've ever seen in California! It feels like everything is getting super squeaky clean out there!

Instead of stressful phone calls and internet woes how about some brotherly love!

It was wonderful to see you little brother! I hope that you were able to hit the beach as soon as you got back to Hawaii! I love you!

It stopped raining and the sun came out for about 4 minutes today and these little finches filled the tree on our back patio! It was amazing they were swooping in from everywhere chirping and happy as could be! How many can you find for fun-Zees!?

Nite nite!