Call me Betty Homemaker!

I have absolutely no idea what came over me but... I've been baking! We've had the best lazy day in. Cliff is taking a nappy poo and I couldn't sleep so I started flipping through my Everyday Food Magazine. It was a gift from Mema and it's been the best! They are small and easy to store and the recipes are always easy to follow and super tasty, oh that Martha knows what she's doing!

I decided on the Chewy Oatmeal Blondies and the Jam Sandwich Cookies because I had everything in house that you'd need to make em!

In perfect Leave it to Beaver fashion the minute I took the blondies out of the oven I hear Cliff in the living room waking up and saying "mmm something smells good!" So I spin around with my little apron on and holding the pan with an oven-mitted hand and say, "yes sir I made you a wake up treat!" OMG How ridiculously cute is that! I felt like there should have been a freeze frame on my smile with a little Orbit gum commercial twinkle or something. I know I think even I just threw up a little. LOL I am cracking myself right up. Yay I love lazy nap/ baking days!

Happy day to you! Wish you were here to taste these cookies! They are yum yum and I plan to share them at girls fondue night! The only thing that makes a cookie or blondie better is dipping them in chocolate!