Cleanse Day 3, Let there be poop!

Sorry but it had to be said. Our cleanse booklet tastefully says elimination. It has a certain ring to it don't you think? With any cleanse you are going to find yourself paying some extra homage to the porcelain god. On day one we were officially all clogged and day 3 flowith! Wheeeee! Actually I think it's getting some of the rage out of me. The two day headache has subsided and I've been grocery shopping again today! TWO grocery stores thank you very much! I am officially riding this cleanse train!

Kayla's presence here has kept the comic relief alive. I think it's fair to say that she has leap off the cleanse train and is waving with one hand and holding a beer in the other, or a hunk of cheese or a giant steak. In her defense she's here on business and most of her day is about biz meetings over a meal. It's kind of tough to eat only fruits and veggies when you are in sales. Last night she came down stairs wearing this while Cliff was choking down a tomato.

We went for mani/pedis and I got grey to suit my cleanse mood for the day!
Kayla went with white and had the up sell queen doing her pedicure. It was all I could do not to crack up watching her say, no, no glitter, thank you, no just the pedicure, no french, just white, no no, thank you. Oh what? What did you say? No, no just the white polish.

And that was about the time she got stabbed in the thumb with the cuticle tool and started bleeding everywhere. So the nail girl does what she always does in that situation??? AND PAINTS right over all the blood on her cuticle with clear polish! Ummm isn't she going to use that polish on someone else? On the way home I all heard from Kayla was how she might get a staff infection and die and that she sees these nightmares on 20/20 all the time!
It was hilarious. Like I said no shortage of laughter when we get together.

I'm now at home eating raspberries and bananas! Marta took me for a steam this morning and it saved my life! All I could smell was garlic and onion. I am sort of tired of chopping, cooking, cleaning and doing it all over again. I honestly don't know how the ancients did it. Imagine if you had to grow the food too! Today I am missing being served. That sounds kind of selfish but I do. I love me some good service and these days it is so hard to find! On the up side for this moment other than being really sluggish and tired I feel great! I think I'm getting all squeaky!

Happy Friday!