Cleanse Day 6, It goes along

one of my fave curly girl cards

A good friend has been saying it goes along a lot lately and I thought it fit this perfectly. Well, it's day 6 ladies and gents and Cliff and I have managed to stay strong and cleansing. I think that we are both stubborn enough to not let it beat us.

We're on phase 3 now and get to eat fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and protein in the form of beans, tofu, miso and white fish (which I don't eat). The addition of grains was a sanity saver and the addition of protein was a sigh of relief.

The kitchen still looks strange. At first glance we have nothing to eat, the freezer is empty the house is without meat or dairy except for some eggs but once you look again we've a bounty of things to eat... the catch is just that you have to clean, chop, and cook in order to eat it. Let's just say it, healthy eating is an effort worth exerting. Sigh.

Happy Monday! I've a full work day today so I'm off.