Closet Talk

He said: What are you giggling about in there?
She said: Look I made the closet more fun!
He said: Because you are standing in it?
She said: No silly, come in here! I got some paint on the ceiling so I decided to do this! Ta da! Cuteness, am I right!?
He said: Well, that's just the cutest thing I've ever heard in my whole life.
And then he smooched me <3
My life is fun. And so is this closet!

Cuteness Credit! I'd seen this idea here and fell in love! That bedroom must make her so happy! When I was painting and I got paint on the ceiling I immediately thought of it and started giggling with delight (that we both used brown was a coincidence but the scallops were all Emma)! Thanks for the idea, Emma!

We are on the lookout for some great light fixtures. I am thinking about doing a really girlie chandelier in my side and something more masculine on Cliff's side. Not sure yet... we'll see what we find!