Cork and Bugs

Remember this!
I finally made mine and it was great therapy after a long day. I am fresh from a sweaty, inspiring yoga practice in these photos. As soon as I got home I knew I wanted to create something!

Mema, I used every last cork you sent plus an entire gallon sized zip lock bag of ours! Ohhh and an entire bottle of glue! I couldn't find our wood glue so I now owe my neighbor a new bottle of the super duper holding gorilla snot glue that I used! That stuff is amazing!

It is super cute and has no real shape to it. I just glued to my little hearts content. My right hand is all crampy from gripping the glue bottle for hours. I made a flat edge and we use it as a back door mat on our patio. I have photos of it but they are still in the camera and I'm at work. : ) So as per my usual... more later. LOL

I also cut some yoga mat squares to make a new mini album!

Ok THIS was enlightening! If you don't use some kind of veggie wash, START immediately! I made a lovely salad yesterday and look at the water after I washed it!!!! EWWWWWW all those little black marks are BUGS! Teensy tiny lettuce loving bugs! The lettuce was organic and we figure that added to the bugs but I have to tell you I rinsed and re rinsed that lettuce and inspected every little nook and cranny. I am not a fan of litttle lettuce bugs but I am a big fan of washing your produce! I got my bottle of fruit and veggie wash at Trader Joes and the link I gave you is the brand they sell at our Whole Foods.

Happy day to you all! Hope that you are prepping for a great Monday off and enjoying a Sunday without blues!!! Love love!