Day 2 of 7 the cleanse continues

Day 2 in progress.

Umm mmm-Kkkk this is hard. I don't know what made me think it would be some kind of piece of cake event...(oooohhh cake sounds good!...just kidding cake actually sounds like a doubled over stomach ache at this moment) oh sure 7 days of cleansing... food based... yeah I can do that... as long as I don't have to do some strange liquid thing I'm on board.... those were my thoughts leading into this event but yesterday --ladies and gents was the longest day ever. About 11 at night I seriously thought about logging in to document the army of teensy tiny people that were in my head building a pyramid or something that required a lot of banging around. It was one of those headaches where you take a step and the pause for your head to catch up... take another step... make the EEEGGhhhh sound and then move again. Thankfully this morning it's down to a low grade dull ache and that makes me very happy! Cliff had the same death headache and honestly I've never seen him in such pain. Proof positive that caffeine is a serious drug! I think I fell in love with him a little more last night. That he is willing to endure this torture to support me and to be better himself... sigh! swoon.

We had a meeting today with our group of fellow cleansers. The core group is 6 women and then there are all of our various supporters at home. It was nice to see that we are all struggling in our own ways. We're tired of eating salad in fact it makes us gag. Yeap I said it... beautiful leafy lettuce makes me want to puke. But oh don't worry it would be the nicest little puke you ever saw cause there's only lettuce in there!

Marta's daughter joined us for the meeting and let me tell you we were all checking out her egg and cheerios! Yeap I wanted to steal that egg from that sweet little face.

Alright it's 2:30 and we just ate about an hour or so ago and my tum tum is already grumbling. Time to make some tea!