Day 4... a little bit of rage with a lot of hot tea

Arg. It's Saturday. This is the day that we'd usually get up and make a splendid breakfast spread with all the fixins. This morning I had absolutely tasteless organic cream of wheat. Well it wasn't all tasteless, I put enough cinnamon on it to be palatable. I miss butter. REAL beautiful, creamy and delish BUTTER!
I think I've got the rage b/c it's the weekend and Kayla's here and I'd really love to go out to eat and drink and be merry and instead we are eating fruits and veggies and grain and enough hot tea to reinact the Boston tea party. I am talking a lot of hot tea. It would be too tempting to actually go out and try to eat and I'd just be frustrated.

My body feels good, my sleep is improving and I want to leave the cleanse with some new practices to put into my life but how do I find the balance between all the foods I miss that I don't necessarily need to be eating? This whole eat to live stuff is hard when we all just want to live to eat (or at least my household does today)!

I will say that through all the ups and downs of this cleanse we've all managed to be kind and supportive to one another. It's bringing us closer together to share the headaches and cravings and rice cakes and for that I am grateful. Oh and I've lost 3 lbs which is a total delight. We'll see if it proves to be real weight loss but for now it's fun!

I hope that you are enjoying your Saturday!