Headed home from virginia beach today and such is plane travel there have been lots of delays. I'm currently sitting on the plane ... we were just about to fly away and we were made to delay an hour + so now we are all hunkered in sipping water and keeping ourselves busy.

Thankful it is cool on the plane.
Thankful my seat neighbor andrew is delightful.
Thankful for the week I just experienced.
Thankful for a good book.
Thankful for my moms adorable giggle that I can even hear when I read her texts.
Thankful I have the most amazing love to go home to (arg I was supposed to be there by now...yeah my day started at 445am and I was really hoping to be making out by now).

Wishing my laptop had some battery life so I could post picts of my week.

I have some amazing beach picts to share with you!!!

Hope no matter where you are today there are reasons to be thankful.

Mmkay must away my right foot is asleep.