**disclaimer: this is ewww***

Ok so a little background. Today is my Sunday night. Tomorrow I have to work so I am prepping for the week ahead. Cliff is at his parents for his mom's birthday tomorrow and usually we'd deal with the moment that just happened together but since I have no one to EWWWW and make faces with I am going to share with you.

The Hinge does a victory run. We have a cat door and when she goes "big potty" she races through the cat door and up and down the stairs and then settles in perfectly proud of herself. Weeeeellllllllllll she just burst in the door and I thought "ok victory run" but Noooo such luck. This sweet little face raced through the cat door and the stopped mid living room and proceeded to start dragging her rear end across the living room leaving a GIGANTIC chunky brown streak on the floor. Thank you very much. How can you not laugh as you reach for the giganta roll of paper towels and carpet cleaner. Oh sigh. Life with cats and I suspect one day kids. LOL

It's a nice sentiment... welcome to a new week. That gives new meaning to Sunday blues.