Do a lot with a little! Sanjuana's room makeover!

Here is what Sanjuana's room looked like before! It's a pretty typical college bedroom.
She wanted it to feel cozy and pulled together.

These closet doors are so strange. The opening that you see there is as wide as it gets and then you have to walk into a dark closet and behind the doors.

Of course the space is a rental so painting was out but I wanted her to live in COLOR! She pulled out this rug that she bought in Peru and I decided it would serve as our color inspiration!

DRUM ROLL Paaa-lease! TA DA!
Welcome to Sanjuana's new room!

To take this room from college typical to college cozy I:
-added a bed frame to get her mattress off the floor.
-did a wall-o-curtains on the window wall and across the closet and took the doors down for easier access to her clothes. And I put cute little paper flowers on the curtains to give them a little feminine flair. (Kelli this idea has had so much life since first seeing your clip frames at Real! Thank you thank you)! -added lots of lighting since she had zero overhead lighting. -painted her old side table pink (it's under the chandelier, sry I forget to snap a photo of it) -organized and simplified her desk area -added some hooks for her backpack, etc. -added a full length mirror that can be covered by the curtains or not (cause every girl needs a full length mirror)
Kallie is always willing to lend a hand (or a back). : )
Here are a few more glimpses... with a flash. : )

Sanjuana's friend Ronnie painted the Little Mermaid and Lucy picts!
Sanjuana and her boyfriend Fran made the mirror hanging on the hooks!

The door stop is this really cool metal piece (sooo heavy) that she found by a dumpster in San Francisco! I love that we used a lot of her meaningful fun and found pieces to bring it all together!

From a bed on the floor and single light bulb hanging from the blinds to this I'd say it was a job well done!

Oh and we totally came in at budget! We did quite a lot with a little!

ps- you read that posting correct... it is 6:30 am and I am up! Today is our last day of the 28 day yoga challenge and we are going to the 7 am yoga class so that we can do our last day together. Yes, I am officially crazy (and a damn good friend for being up this early). We made it to day 28 YAY YAY YAY, I feel totally buff even if I do still look asleep. lol