Double D

Double Digits today! Day 10 of 28 days in a row of yoga! And speaking of DD... I have a feeling that mine might be a single by the end of all this yoga. Don't you wish that you could allocate where the weight comes from when you loose it and gain it for that matter?

Here's what's been going on in my world lately...

I left a cute screen saver for my girls at Soula. : )

We don't have central a/c. That is pretty much the norm here. It gets hot hot (upper 90's to 100's) in the summer time for a few months and we have a portable a/c that goes in our bedroom so that we can actually sleep on those nights. As you can see it leaked... all night long one night and now our home improvements have taken a new direction for the moment. Is it bad that this picture totally turns me on? There is something great about having a handy man. Tee hee

Kayla and Brian just got back from Costa Rica and from the looks of their pictures it is lucky that they even came home. It looks like the kind of place that sends you into a whirling day dream of trading in your present life for a new one of less things and more meaning found on the beach. Cliff and I are dreaming of a long and romantic vacation to a far away land. Costa Rica is pretty far away... hmmm it leaves a girl with thoughts...

Last night we played Apples to Apples with Kallie and Emily. It is such a fun game. In the process we learned that the animal they'd most like to own right now is a finger monkey. I'd never even heard of that before but sure enough thanks to google images they are indeed real. I'd be afraid I'd smoosh it. I'd have to sew a monkey pocket onto all my clothes. Ok that might be pretty cute. I bet they have the tinyest poop ever. Yeah I don't know why I think of these things either.

These earrings came in the mail yesterday from one of my readers with the most beautiful note. Caryn, they could not have arrived at a better time!! Thank you so so much for taking the time to create for me. I love them and I love the love that went into them! I am truly touched, thank you! xo Lacy

That does it for me folks. Aunt Mary is in town and we are going to take her to the Art and Wine festival this weekend!

Happy Friday!