Ebs and Flows

Ever notice how everything is a cycle in life?

Yesterday I cleaned my studio which so needed to be done! The room goes in waves of resembling an obstacle course of things you have to step over and move around then it's pristine for a while and then back to messy. I think it parallels my creative urges. : )

I've put the camera down this week too. Every once in a while I have to step away from the camera and see the world through my own eyes. It's always refreshing until I miss it and them I scoop her up again and we see the world together (plus posting is always more fun when you have images to go along with your words).

And you aren't going to believe it but all the laundry is done AND put away! I know, crazy right!

I am going to be crafting today putting the finishing touches on an album for Miss Jenn with 2 N's. : ) I am also working on a LONG overdue project of taking boxes of cards and letters and special notes from oh like high school/ college to now! I think that we've all got that box or stash somewhere and in my case I have that kind of stuff everywhere. So in the midst of cleaning my studio I've made piles and piles of notes and cards and will be going through them and putting them into a scrapbook using pocket pages (from Creative Memories) that I've been holding onto for ages for that very reason! I will definitely take a photo of those for you to see! Now if you will excuse me I have oatmeal to finish and then a walk down memory lane is in order.

and for fun since I can't just post without any images... found both of these here via Hrrrthrrr! I don't remember how I found her blog (prob blog surfing like I do) but she is always posting something simple and fun and amazing to look at. She is a kick ass designer (although I am certain that's not her official title) from what I can tell and she is truly remarkable. Definitely someone I'd sing and be silly with.

sort of timely given my job search and maybe yours too

Seriously I think these would make it feel better!

Happy day!